Young Living

Young Living

After a lot of research I came across Young Living for Essential Oils and wellness products.
The quality and the care that is taken with these products and oils is incredible. I wanted to buy from a company that put a lot of time and thought into their products they provide, a company with the same beliefs and values as our family. Young living, farm and distill their own oils, so therefore they know the quality going into their products is next to none because they are the ones growing the ingredients to distill, making them into essential oils.
My family has chosen to incorporate young living products into our everyday lives as these are all natural. Our son suffers from a severe dust mite allergy. As he is so young, the thought of pumping him with antihistamines and nasal sprays was not high on our list. After seeing an Immunologist and starting the desensitisation process, our son had a reaction, making this no longer an option.   Surgery at such a young age has also been put on hold, so we feel our only option is to be low tox in all aspects of our environment for him and the rest of the family.


Our family has been using Young Living for over 2 years now, Peter & I (Zuki's Gift) are at an Executive Level with Young Living and are very proud of this.

We are helping to educate families on better wellness, better lifestyle choices, showing families how affordable this option is and that there is nothing to fear with change, we assist you throughout the change and have dedicated closed FB pages to continue that education.


We have wellness Products for most things including: Savvy Mineral Makeup, Seedlings Baby range, Supplements, Weight Management, Ningxia Red Super Juice (full of antioxidants), Massage oils, Thieves Range (incl home care & oral care), Skincare & Beauty and much more, so switch over to Zuki's Gift Young Living Team today to save........


Check out our Wellness Website, link is at the top of this page.

Here's to you making the decision to be a better version of YOU!