A Psychic will connect with your life path. A psychic can show you past, present and future.

We personally like to say guidance not future as nothing is set in stone and you have the ability to change the direction/path that a psychic has shown you if you choose to.

We personally will build your trust showing you what is currently going on in your life and once this trust is established we will discuss what we can see for the near future (usually within a 12 month time frame).

We will endeavour to cover all areas of your life including, relationships, family, work, finance, health and travel, leaving time at the end for any questions you may have or anything that we did not cover.

A psychic reading can be very healing. Quite often a client feels in their heart what they might like to do regarding particular situations, and hearing it from an external source without bias, can confirm their decision and help them to sometimes move forward.

A psychic can sometimes see images, also known as clairvoyance, in their mind or externally, they can feel within their body, also known as clairsentience, they can just seem to 'know' things, called claircognizance and most commonly they can hear, mainly through thoughts, as if they were talking to themselves, known as clairaudience.

A pen and notepad is available for you to write down any information you wish during a session.