For Peter & Peita a platform event is usually a mediumship platform connecting with loved ones in the spirit world in a group format.

Firstly introductions would be made and explanations on how the event shall run. Peter & Peita will then connect with loved ones in the spirit world. Strong evidence will be provided of who is coming through. This will then be followed by messages and signs for the audience members from their loved ones in the spirit world. There is no order in which spirit will come through so there are no guarantees on who will receive a reading.

This is a great way to meet Peter & Peita and to see their style of connecting/reading.

A mediumship platform can be healing on a large level as quite often spirit do what we call "piggy back" each other. So if a grandfather in the spirit world should come through for an audience member and another in the audience can also relate to most of the information its almost like healing has occurred for both regardless of who receives the reading. Often other audience members get a sense that if another persons loved one has come through to them, then they know their loved ones are around them as well.

Peter & Peita often platform at their centre Zuki’s Gift, for in-store private group bookings and other venues across Australia.