Mediumship Readings are a direct communication with loved ones in the spirit world and can provide evidence of the afterlife.

A medium will raise their vibration whilst spirit lowers their vibration, meeting in the middle, hence the name 'medium'.

In a mediumship reading, a medium will give strong evidence of whom they are communicating with, they are also able to give proof of ongoing existence to show that they are around us after passing over. A medium can provide messages and signs that spirit will use to show their presence after the reading such as feathers, butterflies, coins, birds etc.

A medium sometimes sees spirit or images, also known as clairvoyance, in their mind or externally. They can feel within their body, also known as clairsentience. They can just seem to 'know' things, also known as claircognizance and most commonly they can hear spirit through thoughts as if they were talking to themselves, known as clairaudience.

All mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums.

A mediumship reading can help ease some of the pain of loss and bring some comfort knowing that your loved ones are okay in the spirit world after passing.

There are no guarantees on who may come through during a reading, or in what order they may appear and remember that a spirit no longer has a physical body, so communication with them can be symbolic requiring interpretation by the medium.

The evening before attending a mediumship reading, it can be helpful to ask for your loved ones in the spirit world to come with you and that you would like to hear from them.

Private mediumship readings by either Peter or Peita can be recorded and given on a CD for you to take home and share with your family and to revisit the reading for your comfort and to note any details you may have missed or forgotten during the reading.

Mediumship readings can be conducted in our center in person, over the telephone or even online through a Skype session.

Compassion and utmost respect is given in each and every reading.