Thank you for all the help guys, it was wonderful!

Daniel Kirton,

My gratitude and appreciation goes to you Peita, Peter and Gloria for your generosity and ongoing support of this spiritual community.
The value you provide and the love and support that you selflessly give to others is truly appreciated and so noticeable. It is therefore important for us from time to time to articulate our inner feelings so that you may experience what we think and feel, through feedback of our love too.
Thank you


8 months ago I walked into Zuki’s Gift and it has changed my life. The shop was so inviting and Peita and Gloria went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and welcome. I didn’t want to leave.

My next meeting with Peita was for a medium ship reading. I had had previous readings and all had good points and also things that I was not able to validate and I never felt completely satisfied with the readings. It was very different with the reading from Peita. Every spirit that came through was a loved one from my family and every piece of information given was extremely accurate. Up until that point I had had difficulty in dealing with my losses, however since that time she has helped me to understand that our loved ones will be with us forever.

I then joined the meditation group. Peita is amazing at guiding us through the mediations. Before this I didn’t realise how mediating could improve your life. I attend every week and find I am able to deal with the day to day life a lot easier. Stress is no longer an issue.

I have been on medication for quite a few years for Depression and also high blood pressure and was recently diagnosed with Diabetes. After discussions with Peita I decided to give reiki a try. After only 2 sessions of reiki my doctor was able to completely stop prescribing the depression meds, my blood pressure medication was halved and my blood sugar levels are normal again. I have also spent time in hospital suffering from gall stones. 2 months after leaving hospital I again felt pain. Peita sent healing to me and within 20 minutes the pain had subsided.

Not only are Peita and Peter amazing at what they do but they are also genuine people who really want to make a difference in peoples lives.

I have no hesitation and have on a number of occasions referred people I know to Zuki’s Gift because I have no doubt they will get a quality service at a reasonable price from an amazing group of people.

Sue (Buxton),

At the end of August I attended a Psychic Platform night at Peter & Pieta's shop in Tahmoor, with two of my good friends. It was a birthday gift from them for me. I went into it with an open mind, as I always do, and with no expectations. I did, however, privately send messages to both my father and mother-in-law, who have both passed over and are always with me, during the day leading up to the evening, that if they wanted to send me a message, they needed to give me some definitive sign. For my mother-in-law, I 'told' her to mention the rings she gave me that I always wear. The night went on, and Pieta and Peter took turns on the platform with the spirits that wanted to send messages, and nothing was resonating with me, but I was ok with that. Then Pieta had her turn and she started with a female energy, and then as 'clues' came through, they were positive in all aspects for my mother-in-law, but I chose not to come forward that this might be connected to me until I got the sign I requested from my mother-in-law - the rings. Then Pieta mentioned the rings, and I acknowledged openly that this was for me. There were a few things said, that were comforting and welcomed messages from my mother-in-law, but the main thing was that she mentioned she had passed over but my father-in-law hadn't. This was correct - he was in a nursing home. The message came through that my mother-in-law was preparing for my father in law to 'come home', and Pieta was told the number 6. I immediately assumed it was 6 months, which mentally prepared me for the possiblility that my father-in-law would pass over in that time frame - early next year. So, when he deteriorated quite quickly in 6 weeks after that platform night, I realised it wasn't 'months' (that was just my idea), but in actual fact 6 WEEKS. He passed away on Oct 25th, around 6 weeks after the platform night. So, I guess, why I'm telling you this, is because for those people who are skeptics, I just want to confirm that if you are really open and aware of the spirits that send you messages, and be mindful of what you're told by true and accurate psychics, such as Peter and Pieta, it can prepare you for events in your life, and give you the strength to endure them. Everything I was told on that platform night is correct, and I have no doubt at all that the spirit coming through is my mother-in-law, and above all, that Pieta and Peter are thoroughly genuine and trustworthy psychics.

Sonia (Mittagong),